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Adventure Training, Survival and Team Building

Adventure training, survival and team building in breathtaking surroundings 

Upcoming Adventures…

Adrenaline Junkie
Race to the Border June 2017
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Climb the Pyrenees

“Awesome, magical, wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, breathtaking, delicious, challenging, scary, exciting, amazing, super, smashing, great……..!” -Louisa H

A little about us…

Adventure Chateau

Alkari Adventures runs adventure activities, wilderness survival training, escape and evasion exercises, team building and leadership training. You’ll experience all the outdoors has to offer with a huge selection of adventurous activities to get stuck into all year round.  Experience a huge variety of guided adventure packages across the UK as well as at our base in the French Pyrenees.

Taking advantage of the natural terrain that surrounds our facilities, we can offer virtually any adventurous activity that you can think of! From wilderness survival training to skydiving, if it’s on your bucket list we can make it happen!

Alkari Adventures is operated by a group of enthusiastic people committed to exploring the abundance of adventure to be found in the world. If you’re looking to get fitter and stronger, climb mountains, glide from a cliff or maybe jump from an airplane, you can trust us to get you there.  So get in touch by email, phone or Facebook to book a trip or weekend getaway and start collecting moments, not things!



Kevin: Director/Chief Instructor

I retired from the Royal Marines in 2015 where I specialised as a Mountain Leader. This set me up with excellent experience operating in arduous conditions leading large groups safely through mountainous terrain. When I left the Marines, setting up Alkari Adventures seemed obvious and I’ve been taking groups on adventures and helping to conquer their fears ever since!

I can also be found running the warm-ups at the Bear Grylls Survival Races and presenting tactical survival techniques on stage. I’m a qualified, level 3 personal trainer and I have a passion for fitness, particularly it’s application in adventure activities and survival.

If it’s challenging, exciting or slightly scary, I’d love to get involved. Get in touch with me directly to let me know your adventure aspirations and together, we’ll make it happen for you!

kev@alkari.co.uk / 07748 407 092




Guy: Sales Manager/Instructor

Alkari Adventures GuyI also retired from the Royal Marines in 2015, to pursue a passion for fitness and coaching. During my time in the Royal Marines I specialised as a Mountain Leader and Cold weather warfare instructor. This allowed me to explore my comfort zone by participating in activities ranging from diving, paragliding and mountain biking to Skiing, Rock Climbing and skidooing through the arctic circle.  

Like Kevin this allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge on how to safely push a group into new areas of their comfort zone. With this knowledge I left the Royal Marines and established myself as a personal trainer and motivational coach.

Within Alkari you’ll find me scouring the internet for fresh victims (ahem, clients) to put through their paces and outside of Alkari I’m a Crossfit nerd and regularly compete in Crossfit competitions, which normally end in me feeling rather battered but also returning for more.

Touch base with me to find out more about pricing, upcoming trips and corporate events/team building for your workforce or club.

guy@alkari.co.uk / 07581 069 298


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