• Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building With Former Royal Marines Commandos- It’s a state of mind…

Operated by former members of the UK’s elite Royal Marines Commandos, your team will receive training and guidance from the most professional infantry soldiers in the world.

Team building 1

Your team will be trained with the same ethos and principles as elite Commandos



Team building-River Crossing

Survive, Escape and Evade…

After a crash course with expert instructors, you’ll be dropped off in the wilderness of the Pyrenees mountains. 

Using your new skills in navigation, fire-craft and shelter building you’ll make your way back to safety under cover of darkness.




Careful, you’re not alone out there…Team building 2

Teams of trained Commandos with vehicles and search dogs will be doing everything they can to find you and bring you back to captivity!

You’ll be taught how to move and operate without being seen, but out in the wilderness you’ll need to demonstrate every part of the Commando Ethos to succeed.







Expert training in a range of new skills will insure everyone is at the same level.


Strong, decisive leaders will emerge as your team is pushed past the boundaries of their comfort zones.


Develop an unrivaled team cohesion as you work together to overcome adversity

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