• Race to the Border

Race to the Border


Alkari Adventures and The Athlete Centre are proud to introduce Race to the Border, our ultimate test of endurance, determination, teamwork and mental fortitude.

Around 60 kilometres of mountains, rivers, cliffs and canyons separate you from the finish line at the Spanish border. To get there you’ll have to run, swim, climb and abseil your way across some of the most challenging terrain you will have ever faced (as well as a number of other surprises that will be revealed closer to the race!)

Race to the Border June 2017


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Race to the Border is a team endurance race for teams of between 3-5 men or women

The race will start from the Alkari HQ at Chateau de Gere in the foothills of the French Pyrenees and finish at Col de Pourtalet on the Spanish boarder. The route is anything but direct!

The race will last for 2 days and will continue through the night. Whether you choose to stop for sleep along the way is entirely up to you.

The route consists of several checkpoints that your team must reach before crossing the finish line. Each checkpoint will reveal an obstacle that your entire team must conquer before continuing.

You will be expected to navigate the route, there will be no signposts revealing the way!

Each team member will be required to carry their own equipment for the duration of the race. Equipment includes but is definitely not limited to: waterproofs, warm layers, rations etc.

Individual packs will weigh no less than 33lbs or 15kgs (You didn’t think it would be easy did you?)

The challenges and checkpoints will not be revealed until 1 week before the race. Be prepared for anything!

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Who can take part?

Right now we are only accepting participants who are over the age of 18. Other than that absolutely anyone is welcome to enter. Each team must finish together to qualify so you’re only as fast as your slowest member.

What sort of challenges should I prepare for?

We’d hate to give anything away, but if WE were you, we’d expect a good deal of steep terrain, scrambles and some form of rock climbing. It’s not a bad idea to familiarise yourself with a map and compass, or some form of GPS system (at least until we decide to ban them). Otherwise be prepared for a tough endurance race over difficult terrain with weight on your back….Oh and you might get wet…….you’ll probably get wet.

Where can we stay before the race?

As well as basic race entry, we also offer a fully inclusive package. This includes accommodation on the Friday and Sunday nights, catering from dinner on Friday to lunch on Monday including rations for the race and pick-up/drop-off from Lourdes airport. We also have tent pitches available if you’d like to purchase them separately from your race entry.

What if we get lost?

We’ll most likely laugh at you quite a lot, but otherwise don’t worry. Marshalls will be patrolling the routes in between checkpoints and all teams will be fitted with GPS locators so we can find you easily (So I guess you can add that to the weight of your pack…) Full lost procedure will be sent to you after you’ve registered.

What if I get hurt?

Basically the same answer as for lost except we probably won’t laugh at you. Event staff are First Aid trained and mountain rescue will be informed of the event just in case you’d like to take a ride in a helicopter.

Should I take out travel insurance?

YES! We absolutely recommend taking out travel insurance although we don’t recommend any insurer in particular.

Where is it?

The start point is at our facility in ‘Gere Belesten’ and the finish will be at the Col de Pourtalet on the Spanish border. The route won’t be direct!



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